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Can L-Spec Make My Car Turbo, if it was Naturally Aspirated from Factory?


At L-Spec we get asked this question on a daily bases and the short answer is:  Yes.

However the long answer is to do the job correctly you need to build the car correctly.

The most common situation we come across is a customer has purchased an "Ebay Turbo Kit" and they want to install it on their vehicle.

These kits a VERY cheap, both in quality and price. The parts are made in china typically, and are poorly crafted. They fail very quickly, and when they do cause irreversible damage to the engine.

However if you do decide to convert your car to turbo we can do it properly but keep in mind for the vehicle to stay reliable and last without immediate failure you must do a lot of modifications.  Most of the time it is cheaper to sell the car and purchase a new vehicle. Typical high quality turbo conversions cost $10,000 including everything or sometimes more depending on the situation. So keep that in mind before you give us a call.