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Service & Repair

We are factory trained to work on your Lexus, we Service, Repair, and modify all Lexus models. We only use factory Lexus parts on our repairs, we know Lexus like the back of our hand. Got an issue bump, squeak, rattle? We know how to fix it, bring your car with confidence knowing we know your car better than anyone.



We have modified countless Lexus vehicles, from installing bigger brakes on your SC430, to full exhaust system. Need more power on your ISF? We have built many high horsepower Lexus vehicles. Just look for the L-Spec sticker the next time you see a Lexus scream past you. Whether you want your Lexus to Handle or stop better, or if you want it to overtake that Porsche next time your on the freeway. If you can think it, we can build it!


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