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Alex has been in the automotive industry for over 17 years.

He was born in Los Angeles, California. However in his early teens moved to New Zealand, while in New Zealand he became fascinated with the cars there. New Zealand gets all of Japans Older cars. So the cars that are not sold in USA were in New Zealand, such as the Skyline GTR, Silvia's, Toyota Chasers, Etc...

He started his automotive career working at a local shop part time while in University. He soon learned to enjoy it. He found an opportunity at a Local Performance shop and gained an apprenticeship under one of the best engine builders in the southern hemisphere.

He continued working in the automotive industry mostly to fuel his Race Career.

Alex has competed and built cars for

Targa Challenge

D1NZ (Drifting)


Time Attack series

and many more.

He came back to Los Angeles in 2009 and after working and learning the local market, opened L-Spec. He is passionate and loves cars more than anything. He will make sure you car is built and taken care of like it was his own child.


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